MaterialTypeID vs typeid mapping?

Hi there,

Been tinkering around with fuzzwork csv files an am trying to map materialtypeid to typeid to and afterwards to typename but I’ll figure that one out once I am able to do the mapping. As I can’t find a mapping of materialtypeid vs typeid I am a bit at a loss.

Could someone point me in the right direction ?


Can it be that simple ? they’re the same as typeid ?

Yep. In that table (industryActivityMaterials) you have two typeID references - one for the blueprint (typeID) and second one for the material used (materialTypeID) and both reference invTypes.typeID. To get materials required to build (activityID=1) Venture (typeID=32880), first get the blueprint typeID (32881) and find the required materials

Here’s the SQL if you ever decide to use that instead of CSV

FROM industryActivityProducts
WHERE productTypeID = 32880;

SELECT t2.typeName, t1.quantity 
FROM industryActivityMaterials t1
LEFT JOIN invTypes t2 ON t2.typeID = t1.materialTypeID
WHERE t1.typeID = 32881;