Looking for actual sheet like industryActivityMaterials

Looking for good acual industryActivityMaterials data sheet in xls
I found in archives of this forum something, but there isn’t a lot of items ID

you mean like https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/dump/latest/industryActivityMaterials.csv.bz2 ?

(unzip with 7zip or winzip)

The official SDE doesn’t have the data in this form. It’s an artefact created by my conversion :smiley: (the official is blueprints.yaml. which is nice and all, but not great for use in many situations)

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Yes Yes ! It is :slight_smile: You are doing cool things !
Hey Steve, can you help me with this problem ?
How to get and convert that yaml in xls or google sheets ?

There is a lot of converters (maybe they working bad)
But i dno’t understans how yo downloads yaml from eve
And this Industry Activities Table (MSSQL)
Sry Maybe my questions is stupid, but i am playing 2 weeks, and my navigating it this problem is bad…Thanks

I’d just suggest you use the CSV I provide.

unless you’re having a problem with it?

The Problem is that a lot of Item IDs are not in this csv.
For example Hobgoblin I ID is 2454. And It is no in your csv.

That’s because it’s all keyed on the blueprint ID, not what you’re making. (industryActivityProducts for that)

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No, conversely :smiley:
industryActivityProducts - Blueprints ID, Products ID, and how much blueprints can make products.

industryActivityMaterials - Item ID of blueprints, materialTypeID - Minerals, quantityof materials need for blueprint.

I needed industryActivityMaterials, keyed on Item ID (ready product ID) instead of blueprint ID.
So with it i can write in cell number of ready (finished product) Item ID and know how much materials i need for that.
But i understand, that i can use blueprint ID instead of Item ID in industryActivityMaterials :slight_smile: Anyway Thank you !

The problem is solved ! It’s all working.

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