Static Data Export tables relations

Hi all.
I was going to play around creation of some industry tools, but currently what is pretty unclear for me is how to find correct things in static data export database.
I didn’t find any description of which tables I should select from to form list of required resources for:

  • a common blueprint
  • PI craft
  • Moon materials reactions

What I need is to get names of resources and their quantities. Can someone point me to list of tables for each of this 3 cases I should work with? Probably this is a dumb question, but I’m not much of a programmer and wanted to start learning it on EVE basis :slight_smile:

One of the ‘issues’ is that the official SDE is no longer in database form. The only DB comes from people doing conversions (such as yours truly.) Especially when it comes to industry stuff.


For regular industry: industryActivityMaterials contains the material lists for blueprints, for the various activities (ramActivities for the id conversion) industryActivityProducts for the outputs. invTypes for the typeid conversions. have a look at the other industry* tables to see what’s in them.

reactions are now just industry, so the same as above. (activity id 11 :smiley: )

PI: planetSchematicsTypeMap and planetSchematics are your main ones. is_input determines if it’s a row for the input or output.

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