Obtaining "Required input materials"

Good afternoon, I am making a simple production utility in python. Can I get automated data on the required materials for production? Thanls for the answer.

It’s in the SDE. The usual reference for static data.
Kindly provided here

I can’t remember which table it is. But it’s an interesting set of everything. Have fun.

If you’d like to avoid digging around in the SDE and instead piggy back off something I wrote, I have https://api.eve-market.net/job_materials?item=Charon for you. Just replace Charon with what ever item you need. Note it doesn’t take any ME/Structure bonuses into consideration, it just pulls the raw data from the database and sticks it into json. Have never actually used this myself (dont even remember why I wrote it) but maybe it’ll help you :man_shrugging:

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