Blueprint material costs

I am trying to build an manifactoring calculator like fuzzwork, but can not find in ESI the function to retrieve the manufactoring cost. Is there a function to retrive the manufactoring cost or do I have to create my own database?

You need to manually calculate everything. For Evernus, I got everything from here:

I’m already doing so, however I’m creating a script so I can screen the items to find potential profits, however to do so I need to know how many materials is needed to build said items. Therefore It would be nice if I can just pull the material needs down with api instead of creating my own database with material needs.

That info comes from the SDE, then would just have to apply the various bonuses to get actual needs. I think the table is like industryactivityproducts i think?

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You need to use the SDE for that. First find out which activity is manufacturing from the ramActivities table, the you can use industryActivity* tables to get all your data.

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Or simply wait until Evernus has that feature :slight_smile:

ESI doesn’t have an endpoint, at this time, for the materials involved in building something. Long term, I expect this to change.

You have options, wrt to what to do:

  • Leech off the API on my site. (tbh, I don’t really recommend this if you’re trying to write a replacement :wink: I’m not telling you not to, but it’s undermining what you do a little)
  • Get the industryActivity* tables from my database conversion. Either by downloading them directly, or by using the code I’ve got on github to do your own conversion (to cut me out of your critical path)
  • get the SDE straight from CCP and convert the data into a form that’s useful for you. There are similarities to the second option here, but it means you can have it formatted however you want.

If you’re meaning the actual cost to make something: There’s the industry prices endpoint. you’ll need the values from that. You’ll also need the values from the industry indexes endpoint.

Then you just take the materials for ME 0, multiply them by the adjusted prices from the endpoint, then multiply that by the index. (It’s specifically the materials to make a thing. not the thing itself)

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