Where can I find table dumps for Invention?

I’m looking for a table that shows the skills associated with each invention and the datacores required. I tried Index of /dump/latest (fuzzwork.co.uk) but it only contains a table showing base chance and output.

or does anyone know the specific ESI hooks for that info?

It is in the SDE - the link you’ve provided.
I’m not at my desktop so can’t tell you off hand which file it is, but I’ve built applications using it.

I think it’s “IndustryActivitiesMaterials” which gives you the inputs needed for each blueprint for each activity - from memory Invention is 8 - theres another file in there that defines Activity number against Activity name.
One row for one input. If the activity requires more than one input then it’s on more than one row.

The SDE really does contain all of the static data - it’s one thing pêr file/table.

You are correct, didn’t realize the 8 activity ID identified the type. Thank you!

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Yeah, it’s a rabbit Warren if a thorn bush if tangled stuff.

The ramActivities table had the activity to name references/lookups in it.