What to Invent?

Is there a website anyplace where i can look up what BPC I can use by selecting the three science skills I have trained? For example, I know I can make T2 Amarr drones with Amarr Encryption Methods, Electronic Engineering and Graviton Physics. I want to know what else I can invent with those three skills.


I don’t know of a tool or webservice that tells you that but if someone finds such a tool let me know. The ingame Show Info window of the skills has a tab called “Required For”, which tells you what you can do with each skill but it does not take into account missing skills and only lists all possible things.

Whilst you cannot check invention by the skills you mention, I suggest taking a look at Isk Per Hour app


You can see this information in-game with a skill’s corresponding datacore. In the Market search Datacore - Electronic Engineering, press show info, select Industry tab. This shows T1 blueprints you will use copies of to invent T2 items.

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