Science Skills

I was looking into training some science skills, I noticed that under a lot of skills there is nothing listed past 1 on the “required for tab”

For example, Quantum Physics only has a list of items it is used for under the I option, does this mean it is not worth skilling up beyond 1 or would >1 be needed elsewhere, say in percentage invention chance?


Yeah, it will affect invention chance. I also seem to recall that building a lot of the advanced materials (i.e. Antimatter Reactor Unit, Crystalline Carbonide Armor) used in T2 production required a lot of science skills to 3.

Oh, and (iirc) each required skill will affect invention chance (i.e Molecular Engineering, Rocket Science and Minmatar Encryption Methods will all influence the invention chance of prop mods).

Thanks @Shipwreck_Jones ive take them all to 4 then

Does it not clearly say in the skill description that they increase manufacturing speed by 1% per level anymore?

It should also be noted that if you are doing research with a research agent, the higher the relevant science skill trained, the more RP you will earn.

@Qia_Kare ah yes they do, i was only checking out the required for tab

@Sarah_Olson thanks, noted, i am not using R&D agents atm though

each skill required for an invention activity also increase the job chance by 4, except if the skill requires hacking (most encryption skills) or the skill is sleeper encryption in which case it is 3.
The sum of the points is then added as postper120 (so it’s 4/120 or 3/120)

=> proba = min(1.0, activity.product.proba×decryptormult×(120+sumrequiredskillsnonencrypt×4+sumrequiresskillsencrypt×3)/120)

It’s not only industry. Some specialist ships require summer science skills at 4 (HIC needs graviton physics 4). I think some modules may require some science skills at 5.

OK, thanks all, I think if I aim for level 3 on all of them, then 4 on the main ones I need now and then to 5 if i want to specialise i will have covered all bases

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