Skill impact on invention success

The EVE Uni wiki has a section on Invention that mentions an example:

An inventor must have the proper encryption method skill and the two science skills trained, as required for each item, in order to start an Invention job. Higher skill levels of the encryption methods and science skills lead to a better chance of invention. In order to see which skills are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.

For example, this Inferno Rocket Blueprint (see right) requires:

  • Rocket Science I
    • Mechanics V
    • Science V
  • Electronic Engineering I
    • Science V
    • CPU Management V
  • Caldari Encryption Methods I
    • Hacking II
      • Electronics Upgrades III
        • CPU Management II
        • Power Grid Management II
      • Science III

You should train the encryption method skills to at least level 3, and the science skills at least to level 4, to have a good chance of invention success."<

When I look at the caldari encryption method skill description it doesn’t mention any success increase for anything. Also not production.

For Rocket Science the skill description is:

Skill and knowledge of Rocket Science and its use in the development of advanced technology.

Used primarily in the research of missiles and propulsion systems.

Allows Rocket Science research to be performed with the help of a research agent. 1% reduction in manufacturing time for all items requiring Rocket Science per level.

Needed for all research and manufacturing operations on related blueprints.<

I read it as more skill = faster production, that’s it.

Why does the Uni-Wiki claim it increases the invention success? Is the wiki just outdated or the skill description not complete? Should I invest in more than the lvl 1 rocket science if I am only concerned about invention?


Invention does not always succeed - it has a percentage chance to succeed, otherwise it fails and you loose the BPC and materials you put in.

In the section “Maximizing invention success” on UniWiki it shows the different percentages.

For example: Ammo, modules and rigs have a 34% chance. It means you have a base 34% chance of the invention succeeding. Or put in another way, you have a 66% chance of it failing.

The 2 science skills - Rocket Science and Electronic Engineering in your example - increase this chance by 3.333% per level.

The encryption skill - Caldari Encryption in your example - increases the chance by 2.5% per level.

Decryptors can also increase the chance. But be aware they are always consumed during the process. SOme people only use them for expensive inventions.

In the ingame invention window, if you look in top left of the “outcome” section it will show you the chance %, and if you hover over it it will give more info.

You can use one of the calculators to experiment with skill levels and see their impact on the final chance % for succeeding. For example UniWiki has a link to this online calculator: (the datacore 1 and 2 columns in the calculator are your 2 science skill levels)

I hope this helps explain it.

I think what causes the confusion is the description in the skills “1% reduction in manufacturing time”… note it says manufacturing … which is building the final items… not invention… Invention lets you create Tech 2 Blueprint Copy. After that you still have to build/manufacture the items from your new Tech 2 BPC.

T1 BPO → Copying → T1 BPC → Invention(chance%) → T2 BPC → Manufacture → T2 Item


What a great response. Well done!

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Yes thank you for the in depth response.

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