Am I wasting my time?

Ahoy, fellow capsuleers! I’m studying for production, and I’m looking at skills like ‘Defensive Subsystem Technology’ where under the ‘Required For’ tab in the information window, I see blueprints and such only requiring level 1 training. I’m wondering if there are any reasons unknown to me for skilling it up beyond level 1. I can imagine it increasing production efficiency and whatnot, but I’ve’nt been able to find any definitive sign of that in-game, nor any info about it ANYWHERES :weary: Could any of you help me out with this?

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  1. this should go in industry
  2. each invention required skill increases the % chance for invention success.

hacking-requiring skills add 3, sleeper encryption add 3, other skills add 4, to the base-120 skill multiplier
in the second screen,

  • base is 21 (from BPC),
  • sleeper encryption adds 3×4=12,
  • hydromagnetic does not require hacking so adds 4×5=20,
  • defensive does not require hacking so adds 4×3 = 12,

total 21×(120+12+20+12)/120=28.7% SUCCESS PROBABILITY PER RUN.
Going from 1 to 5 on the defensive subsystem would go from 27.3% to 30.1% so a multiplication of average invention cost by 0.907 => -9.3% invention cost.

Note that the invention cost includes decryptor, BPC, datacore, time, hauling, storage, and job installation, costs.


Whoa Stefnia, thank you! You offer so much detail, and so quickly that I feel bad for asking… Makes me feel like crap. I get the essentials of what you’re saying, it seems I’d better make sure to maximize my success chance if I wanna make inventions worth while. Thanks again and take care! :blush:


Don’t. Better ask and get an obvious answer than don’t dare and keep a wrong opinion.

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