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So I am looking at training plans for my characters in game and I am thinking of going down the science skills route so that I can do invention. I already have some invention skills to varying levels. It would seem that I need at least 3 skills that affect the percentage chance of a T2 BPC being succesful

For example, to invent T2 Acolyte Drones I would need
Amarr Encryption Methods
Electronic Enginnering
Graviton Physics

Generally speaking is it worth training any of these skills to V. My initial thoughts are no because of the long train time between IV and V for 3 skills would tie that characters training up for some time plus the difference between level IV and level V success rate is a little under 3% (on this particular item) but I just wanted to get other peoples opinions and thoughts.

Nope, level 4 or even 3 is OK. Just use the simulator to verify the effect.

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One way of “visualising” the added value is:

If you do 100 invention jobs then on average you should get 3 more successes out of the 100 jobs. When it is all RNG anyway you almost certainly wont notice those extra successful jobs until you’ve done 1000 or more jobs.

Worth considering this would also mean 10000 runs of T2 modules, the hassle of building, and a hefty ISK investment waiting for sales before you’d expect to notice that 3% come back as a profit over someone else with less skills. That a lot of faffing about for a very minor gain IMHO.

But is that worth the extra weeks/months of training to 5 to you? Your call really - if you’re doing an alt focussing on invention then maybe - only you can say.

The only other thing I will mention is that the Racial Skill should be first to 5 if you do deem it worthwhile - as this gets used for a multitude of different items - the other more specific fields skills are then if you want to specialise in one particular item type - so depends on the scale of your operation.

Have fun!

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I trained mine to 4 at the moment and it is enough to have good results.

With my plan, training from IV to V is around 18 days for each science skills… Is it Worth it?

Let’s say that if your character is multirole and do a lot of things, it should be wisely to spend the time to train others skills… On the contrary, if your character is a pure scientist and really specialized in that role, it might be good to train them to V as all others skills are not really usefull anyway…

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Your biggest benefit with level V is if you are doing Agent missions to get datacores.
You receive more datacores the higher your trained level is for the particular skill.

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Train all the science skills you actually use to level 4 before considering level 5. As you business evolves, you’ll find yourself focusing on a few items that work well for you. In my case, I sell a lot of T2 drones and typically have several 50 run inventions on the go at a time - so my characters have Graviton Physics, Electronic Engineering and the racial encryption skills trained to level 5 which gives me a 49.6% chance of successful invention.


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