Parsing YAML files, noticed some items missing

So parsing through YAML files for my project I’m working on, and while doing so, I noticed a discrepency between the blueprints.yaml and the typeIDs.yaml (because my python code threw an error when trying to look up the ID of the blueprint, and what it was supposed to make)
Entry from the blueprints.yaml file:
time: 480
- quantity: 8
typeID: 40
- quantity: 13
typeID: 25335
- quantity: 1
typeID: 34188
time: 600
time: 210
time: 210
blueprintTypeID: 34189
maxProductionLimit: 1000
I’m wondering if this is supposed to be there, and the SDE from 20190117 is missing IDs, or if it was supposed to be removed…or…
Going to remove the entry from my files, and see if there are any more of these entries in blueprints that don’t seem to correspond w/ the typeIDs…

Is this type of thing a common occurence in the SDEs? Think I saw something about the one in June of last year missing some things as well.

Item 34189 supposed to create item 34188 (entry shown)
Item 37009 supposed to create item 35875
Item 37010 supposed to create item 35876
Item 37013 supposed to create item 35879
Item 37017 supposed to create item 35883
37018 >>> 35884

There are actually quite a few of them, and then there are blueprints like 37014 that doesn’t have a product, just has the manufacturing materials required…

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