Items purchased not showing up in assets


Yet another new person and probably a stupid question however I am having trouble with buying ammo. I am purchasing missiles and small auto cannon ammo and when I check my assets/inventory after the sale is completed they are nowhere to be found. They dont show up in item hanger as well as the assets tab. What am I missing?

Your personal assets tab would refresh in 5 minutes. You could search for what you bought in there if you’re having trouble scrolling through what you have in each station.

If you want to see your market purchase history. Go to Wallet > Market Transactions and see where you bought it.

Will do, I am still sitting in the same station I bought them in and I see the transaction in my wallet but thy just are not in my assets. Ill wait some time and see if there is a delay in market purchases.

Thank you.

Was it a corporation buy? If so, check the Corporation Deliveries hangar.

you may have chosen something other than “Immediate” order duration and have placed a “Buy” Market Order