I have a question for anybody who can answer this

So, I recently bought a Calaylst ship, (as of today) and it was 4 jumps away. The problem is, I know that you can find out where your inventories all are, the problem is that I don’t know how. Long story short, I don’t know how to locate my Catalyst. Any help please?

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Alt-T, for the icon called Personal Assets on your Neocom bar.

You can also open Wallet and look at your previous transactions to see which station they occurred in.


Or open wallet and the transaction might tell you what station


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Welcome @Matain_Dahma

One more thing about hidden inventory. One time I used the corp funds to buy my ship and was feeling like I got ripped off by the game. These “corporate purchases” will show up only in the corporate assets and in dock under corporate deliveries. You won’t need to worry about this until someone is foolish enough to give you unlimited access to their corporation. :laughing:

The Catalyst is a great ship!

I own fifty thousand of them!

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