PLEX Question

I purchased PLEX with one of my characters in corp using a corp wallet, the money has gone but I cannot find the PLEX, it is not in the Vault or in the hanger, where would it be stored?

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Corp deliveries in the location where you bought the PLEX? Shouldn’t a red dot in the inventory’s tree side menu tell you the location where they are?


Thanks, I turned that red dot shite off a long time ago

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For future reference. Any time you can’t find something, open your “Personal Assets” tab. Click search and type in the item name.

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or…each item’s information window has the option to “Find in Personal Assets”.

Both methods work.



afik won’t work for cop stuff. But good thing we also have corp assets window!

yeah i tried personal assets but not there as it was a corp purchase, I dont see a corp assets search, I guess that would be a right that i need to give to the character

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I have also been caught out by this. It’s annoying when the PLEX you buy goes into your corporate hangar. I’ve raised tickets complaining about it embarassingly, assuming the PLEX disappeared into the ether, but it’s probably there in corp assets.

In the corporation window there is a corp asset search. One of the options is to search corp deliveries. You must have high enough roles to see it though.

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