Corp assets

Unless you are in the station in question, how can you see (as a CEO) the locations of corp assets in the corp hanger

As in what drawer in the hangar they are in?

Yes, So i Did a corp contract from Jita to another station, however when i look at assets they are not there becuase that shows personal assets, how can I see corp assets unless i am at the station (basically I think I have corp assets in stations that i have left but i cannot recall which ones)

Your Corp tab should have a Corp Assets entry. It shoukd show all offices. When opened, each office shows the drawers and so on.

If you do a search for a particular item in corp assets it will reverse that process.

However, if it was an accepted contract it will be under Deliveries

Thanks, I have no offices, but ill check there under corp (obvious place really)

Aye if its just from a contract or anything really and you have no office Corp — Deliveries is your huckleberry.


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