ASSET folder not appearing

Im trying to allow one of my members to see the corp assets tab so he can deliver ships to other member remotedly (from space) he has hangar access by hangar access based at… but the tab dont appear, what role does he need?

thanks all

You need to expand what you are trying to do or achieve? What you said does not make sense.

So I am going to assume you are talking corp office and member hanger access and delivery.

You need to be in the structure where the corp office is. You cannot do this remotely either. The ships and equipment needs to be taken there. So, you cannot be in Jita and put things in a hanger and magicly it appears 60 jump away for a member in the corp hangers.

Once there if the access is correct he can put the items in the hangers. Fun fact, he does not need access to put things in, just to view and taker things out.

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Thanks for the reply, sorry if i have explained myself wrong, ill try again

the ships are in jita in a corp hangar, i can from space deliver them to a member hangar in jita from the corp/assets window.

My friend who has hangar access does not see the assets tab in the corp window.

that is the issue, hope it makes mopre sence now?

Did he checked deliveries ?

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i want him to be able to give ships to others as i can, but he dont seen the assets window from the corp tab. that is the issue.

Didn’t do that for any corp yet, but this may help.
Happy reading: Managing corporation members - EVE University Wiki

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Under members in the Corp, role management. You can set the access there for the member.

After you are done a session change is sometimes required or it might take a minute or so.

thanks, i have given the member hangar access based on, where i based him both to query and take and still when he is in space he can not see the assets tab in the corp window, i just dont get it :o(

He cannot do that from space unless he is a director as well.

Try Auditor role, but then he might see more than you like. Or try accountant as well…


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