View Members hangers (I'm CEO)

I’m CEO of a small corp, I’ve read elsewhere that I can view the contents of my members hangers (obviously not steal them), but I can’t find the option anywhere. I’ve read of a ‘View Members Hanger’ tree, but I can’t for the life of me find it.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks

If it still works this way:

You have to be at a station where your corp has rented an office, or your corp citadel.
Right-click the name of the corp member, and you should get the option to View Member’s Hangar.
You cannot see what they have at stations where your corp does NOT have an office rented.

It only works in NPC stations. You cannot view member hangers in Upwell structures

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Member hangars will be an option under Corporate hangars in NPC stations or Outposts. You can view or put stuff into a member hangar but not remove.

This functionality is not available in Upwell structures. In Citadels you cannot view member hangars. to give them something use deliveries. Right click the item, deliver to. They can get it from the deliveries hangar in the same structure. Deliveries are only available in Upwell structures - not stations.

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Thanks, this was the issue.

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