Corp Hangar open by default to all corp members ( aka newbro fit hangar)

o/ all,

Not really a newbro question but it is related to them :slight_smile:

Right now the only way we found to allow someone to take something from a specific corp hangar is to go to the corporation icon, members/role management/access. To sum up each person has to be allowed on an individual basis ( and no “select all” button exists).

Problem : we have 233 members…

Is there a way to allow access to an hangar by default to all corp members ?

The idea is to dump a lot of 2M newbro fits in a open hangar. So they don’t take corp contract slots in our chars and newbros can directly help themselves with those cheap T1 frigs fits even if we are offline or busy pvping.

Thanks for the feedbacks and help

simply give everyone a role by default, and make it so that the specific role you gave has access to that corp hanger.
on a side note how do i join your corp :smiley:

Do you plan to steal our 2M rifter newbro fits and haul them from low sec ? XD

Thanks for your answer, sent you a corp invit in-game :slight_smile:

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