Do Directors/CEOs have ability to see corpmates ship hangar in a citadel?

Does this exist? I actually had an ISD say so in online chat but none of us can confirm this ingame.

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The CEO and Directors of a corp can see items in other people’s hangers, yes.

They also have the ability to put stuff in people’s hangers too.

However, no one can remove or modify anything your hanger.

Not to my knowledge at least.

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I believe that is only if you have a corp office in the station, will check it out when I get home later tonight. I’ve never even tried to look in a citadel.

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If the corporation has offices in an NPC station CEO and Directors can see member hangars. They cannot see member hangars in a Citadel. You can put stuff in a member hangar at an NPC station but you can’t take it out.

In a Citadel you can deliver stuff to a contact. Put the item in your item hangar and choose deliver to from the right click menu. They can collect it from the deliveries hangar at the structure where the delivery was made.

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@ShahFluffers- I believe you are referring to stations. I’m referring to a citadel and one that we own. I believe @Do_Little is correct.

Has CCP mentioned if they will add this ability to an upcoming expansion?

Not that I’m aware of and it is unnecessary since the new delivery system will allow corp management to give stuff to individual members.

Actually, it is still necessary as some of us need to view the hangar of our pilots and a delivery system doesn’t provide that.

Why would any pilot want someone else to monitor thier personal assets or take them.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with someone else looking into what I have, just in case I might have something worthwhile.

And being able to remove something is crazy.

It’s one thing about corp theft, personal theft is a little too close to home.

I didn’t see a way to do it in a citadel, but its been so long since I’ve been in a corp with an office in a station that I don’t even know where to look anymore.

Also many corps require API keys, so they may be able see all your stuff that way.

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