Corp Hangar Tab missing from "Merged" station services

I’ve played eve for 14 years… recently returned after a 4 year break.

I play by default with the merged items and hangar option checked (like the game was originally!) to display hangars in stations below the buttons for station services etc.

I noticed today however after renting a new office in a station that there is no tab for the Corp Hangar alongside my Ships and Items tabs anymore. Has this function been removed? If so - why?

I find it annoying that the corp hangar is now buried - only visable in the inventory window below my current ship, ship hangar, and personal hangar in some hideous nested tree. It is actually harder to find or move anything from hangar to hangar using that tree.

Would appreciate any info on this “apparent” removal of functionality (or where I’m going wrong).


As far as I can remember you could merge “items” and “ships” into the station panel but I don’t remember ever being able to add corporation hangers there. I’ve also looked over patch notes and I’ve not see any changes in this regard.

You can however have corporation hanger open in your inventory window and then drag and drop from station panel into inventory window and vise versa.

Thanks for looking into this. I may just be ‘old’ and senile remembering things that never existed… but I don’t think so.

I am confident that is how it used to work before CCP Punkteris (I think it was) and the UI people got their hands on reworking the UI several years ago.

I will also concede that my moans are perhaps a little late to effect any change or have any relevant gripe since this is how it works now - so marked this issue as “solved” and I will just live with the discomfort and adapt. Ho hum.


I also don’t remember to show corp-hangar below Station-services (only items and ships).

But there where another recent change, that removed some symbols from the Neocom-menue such as “corp deliveries”, “corp hangars”, “shiphangar” and “item hangar”.

Each of them can be opend (and remembered* as open) via drag and drop, shift+click or setting the key-shortcuts.

*remembered separatly for Upwell-Structures and NPC-Stations

edit: oh and strg+x -> strg+v will do the move from one hangar location to another for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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