Inventory buttons

Since the removal of the menu buttons for item hangar, ship hangar and corporation hangar we now have several ways to open the ship hangar with a single click.

  • Click on the hangar button on the menu
  • Double click on the screen in station
  • Click the ship hangar button in space

I’m specifically not mentioning the “Add hangar tab to station panel to show ships and items” because this window is not big enough for items, placement is not very useful and shared with other functions.

On the other hand the buttons for the Item hangar and corporation hangar have been removed. The hangar button opens the ship inventory hangar window by default and it’s not possible to change that behavior. So when you are docked you have to open your ship inventory hangar then switch to whatever hangar you need to access the items. The functionality of these buttons is still available through shortcuts, only access through buttons was removed.

So my question is: Why the hell where the most used and useful buttons in the game removed?

All the while there are direct access buttons for Redeem Items, New Eden Store and Plex store cluttering up the menu.

ok, I will check it out.

I just wish there was a folder system to the items hanger. My OCD kicks in when I gotta scroll past the ridiculous amount of ammo types just to get to the ship modules. I just want to put the Ammo, Armor Mods, Shield Mods, in their own respective folders, similar to the notepad, or ship fittings.

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