No hangar tab when docked in station?

A while back I started a new alt to see the new player experience. I think I finished it, and left the character alone for some time. Yesterday while I was moving it to my Corp system for PI and noticed that the only inventory folder I could access was the drone bay of the venture I was flying.
Some experimentation showed that Neocom>Inventory> Holds and Bays was greyed out. I clicked on it, and was then able to see the normal inventory window with all folders. I am now docked in Corp owned Fortizar, and there is no tab for Hangars under the station services icons. Agents, Guests, and Offices are there. I can access the ship and item hangar from the inventory window.
Any clue to how to fix it? I have relogged, left the station and returned with no change. My other characters on the same account have no problems.

Open your settings (ESC), General settings tab, middle pane. Check the box that says merge “items” and “ships” into station panel.


^ that’s one way to do it

I use alt+g and alt+n to open separate windows for my item and ship hangars as I don’t want them merged in with the station services. But just one of those personal preference things.

Thank you, worked like a charm.

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