Inventory Bug

A few days ago I started having problems with not being able to access my station inventory. When I click on the Inventory icon, the items in the ships cargo are displayed. The Player Hangar is also missing as well.

Could you give some screenshots for context, please?

Well, lets see now. When I click on the Inventory icon the hangar where all of your stuff is kept doesn’t show up. All that shows up is a dialogue box with the contents of what is currently in the ships cargo hold that you have active.

BTW…mind your own business Wal-Mart, ‘after every sentence’ is done.

Without a picture to work from, I cannot be sure, but it might be that you collapsed your index tree - try seeing if you have the option to display the full tree in the inventory menu?

Or provide a screenshot showing the open inventory menu so players can provide suggestions. You can draw masking boxes over any sensitive content (names/modules/etc) if you are worried about intel.

There definitely is a bug with the player owned Citadels. I can access my inventory normally in an NPC station, but when I try to access the inventory in a player owned Citadel, the inventory for the cargo in my ship appears.

I am able to fit modules from the Asset window but I am not able to place or load charges to a module from the Asset window nor am I able to place items into the cargo bay from the assets window.

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