Corporation Hanger removed?

Logged in the other day after about a week and can no longer see/find the Corporation Hanger button/window.

Was this removed at some point? Are there patch notes for this?

It was quite helpful to have it as a separate window when moving items across from ships/other hangers. Trying to do everything in the inventory window is a bit tougher to do.

Have you tried opening the Inventory? I still see the Corporation Hangar there in the Index tree view. I don’t see it in the Ship Hangar or Item Hangar window, however, and I am not sure if it was there to begin with.

the corporation hanger was always a separate button button in the neocom that would open its own window.

its now gone.

Fair enough. I never noticed it there. I can’t find anything about it in the Patch Notes. Maybe it was stealthily integrated into the Inventory button.