How to give member access to Corporation/Assets/Deliveries tab?

I want my new trader member to have access to corporation assets deliveries so that they can see where they bought items without having to go through the wallet market transactions to find pickup locations. How do I do this?

Currently, the trader buys items left and right, and forgets where they bought it from. I end up delivering those assets to them manually which is annoying.

Read access to all corporation wallet logs and the full corporation asset listing, as well as the ability to pay bills. Also has full access to the “Corporation Deliveries” section of the inventory.

The role does NOT grant take access to corporation wallets, this will have to be assigned separately.

Station Service

These roles revolve around management of Outposts and access to various station services:

  • Trader
    Has full access to the “Corporation Deliveries” section of the inventory and may create market orders on behalf of the corporation
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Thank you very much, Accountant role fixed the issue!

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