Corporation Deliveries

I am making a new corp and I am trying to get all the roles right but I can’t figure out how to limit Corporation Deliveries. help please thank you

What do you mean by limit corporation deliveries?

If people have the right to purchase on behalf of the corporation, the stuff they buy will go into corporation deliveries in the facility where the transaction took place, as will any contract goods delivered to the corporation. Characters will need access to a wallet division and the Trader station service to buy on behalf of the corporation. They will need the contract manager role to create contracts on behalf of the corporation.

You can see what is in corporation deliveries and where by selecting deliveries on the Assets tab in the corporation tool.

OK, If I want to live in a WormHole and have anyone in my corp add/remove corp bookmarks yet limit who can access corporation deliveries down to only directors… Can that be done?

“This hangar is accessible by all members of the corporation that have the “Trader” role assigned to them, as well as the CEO and the directors of the corporation.”

If you don’t want non-directors to access the corporation deliveries hangar don’t grant them the “Trader” station service role.

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