Read Corp Assets with ESI

I have access to some corp hangars in some stations but not to the corp assets in general.
I would like to list the assets, that I have access to, with ESI (/v5/corporations/{corporation_id}/assets/) but with no success. I get the error message
“error”: “Character does not have required role(s)”

Ist there a way the CEO can assign me the missing role(s) without giving me access to more hangars than I have now? What role would be necessary?

Director. You can see it via EVE Swagger Interface

Requires one of the following EVE corporation role(s): Director


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Thank you. Don’t know why I did not see the director role comment. Maybe a special form of blindness?

It’s a pitty that I have access to assets ingame but not with ESI. But obviously there is no way to change this.
Thanks again for your comment.

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