[SOLVED] Esi corp roles returning empty for CEO


returns the corp’s CEO id fine, but when I try any corp interface with the CEO, it says it doesn’t have roles. When I check the roles, I get:

  "roles": [],
  "roles_at_base": [],
  "roles_at_hq": [],
  "roles_at_other": []

Am I doing something wrong? ESI says that both the character is a CEO and at the same time says that the character has no roles. Thanks

/corporations/{corporation_id}/ is a public endpoint anyone can hit up with a corporation ID to get the basic info you would see in game when doing a show info on a corporation.

Are you actually the CEO of the corp you’re trying to get roles for?

You may be looking for: https://esi.evetech.net/ui#/Character/get_characters_character_id_roles ?

FIXED! There was a propagation delay. Last night, the public info said I was CEO, but none of the private info did. Tonight they both match, I must have had a cached result or something.

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