Accepted a contract with corp wallet. Now I can't see where my item is

So I have a friend who sells 500 plex for 950m isk. Every month i make enough isk to buy it and he sells me with a contract. I accept the contract and drag the plex to my vault and use it. This time I bought the contract with corp wallet and waited a few minutes. It wasn’t in my vault and I couldn’t find it anywhere in personal assets. Corp also has no office in that citadel so idk where it went.

Hey Fenix,

You’ll need to open up your Neocom Menu - click the E in the upper left of your screen.

Neocom Menu - Social - Corporation

You’ll then want to click on the ‘Assets’ tab. You should find it below somewhere in one of the subtabs, likely deliveries? Let me know if this works!


Thanks a lot. It is indeed in the deliveries

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No problem!

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