I stopped at the tutorial to deliver the Civilian Data Analyzer

I stopped at the tutorial to deliver the Civilian Data Analyzer.
Unfortunately I miss a product to finalize.
I have paid a Contract Price but I do not understand where I can see this contract.
I do not understand the meaning of “Price for accepting a contract” into my wallet.
how can I trace information about this contract?
I only see the movement in money.
Thanks a lot for your patience.

The big E in the neocom next to your portrait -> Business -> Contracts

You can also try to find the missing item with:
E -> Inventory -> Personal Assets

Hi @Qia_Kare and thanks to reply me so fast.
-> Business -> Contracts
I try but I didn’t find it.

I will try to the second way you suggest me.
I’m learning but this stop frustrated me!
Thanks to help me.

It should be in the contracts list. In the contracts window, the far right box is labeled ‘status’, and defaults to ‘outstanding’, which would not list a contract that was already completed. Change this setting to ‘finished’ to see contracts you’ve accepted.

…also don’t forget to click the ‘get contracts’ button.

Unfortunately there is not contract in all combination but I found in E -> Inventory -> Personal Assets, what I 'm looked for.
Thanks a lot for your help. So I can go on with the tutorial.

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