Eve Escrow

! main and 2 alts I only log on and collect free skill points , and all have wallets that look like this ,???

Did you buy anything? Because that’s how buying stuff shows up.

No the 2 alts I play only to log on, undock , kill some rats for skill points and log off ,

my 2 alt toons have wallets with than 20 million , and I log in and shoot rats and i pay escrow 14 million,?

Do you have any market orders up?

Do you have the skill ‘margin trading’ ?

if so, that’s people selling to your orders, and the money coming out for them

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  1. No
  2. No

My alt toon Nancy Wilson has had a wallet with 5 million isk for some time , I just now completed the tutorial on her ,I added 5 million to her wallet , with my main , I log on to do my free skill points that i am saving up, cause i can only train 1 pilot at a time and now her wallet has been drained to less than 2 million,

What’s in the “market transactions” tab of your wallet?

Funny how someone gifted me the marketing skill, and now my isk is gone , how does that happen,?

And you’re certain you don’t have any outstanding buy orders up (Market Orders tab)?

You haven’t actually bought anything as there are no market transactions and the only other thing I can think of offhand that triggers that particular journal entry is placing a buy order.

I have no clue , as this toon I was saving for when I really get to know eve better than I do now , My first toon,I just started in head first and messed up training , my main now I have been doing good on , but i log in on my Nancy Wilson toon to find this , I have trained nothing on this tune , all gifts as you can see , i know nothing about how the market works , except that if iI need to upgrade my ship I go to where they have it at the cheapest price and buy it right then, ?

Well, check the market orders tab of the wallet to see if you have any orders in there. If you don’t have any orders, and you don’t have any transactions, I’m out of ideas. and I suppose the next step would be to file a help ticket to see if maybe a GM could look into it for you.


Can you hit Load and show us what you see?

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Huh, you know I do that so automatically that I’d forgotten it was even a step one has to do. :man_facepalming:

I think Scoots has the right of it. Load your transactions and all will be revealed.

sorry right pic,

There you go. You bought stuff, is where your money went.

We did it, reddit!

I did not buy this stuff on this toon , I was saving this tune and all the skills for when I got the hang of Eve , ,so you telling me some one else doing all this on my tune when I am not even logged in on it, ?

It’s a bit weird that you have Market Escrow charges for October 7th at 0035, but no actual transactions that took place at the time.

It looks like you’re taking screenshots from 2 different characters?

After the “Market escrow authorized by:” it’ll have the name of your character. The first character seems like the name starts with a W or a V.

Your follow up picture shows:

From a Nancy Wilson. The times for these transactions lines up with the times for the transactions shown in this picture:

You’re showing us Market Escrow pictures for another character (not your Nancy Wilson character) in your opening post. Can you log into your that character whose name starts with a V or a W and take a picture of their transactions?

I think the most likely answer is you bought stuff and forgot you had bought stuff, or mistakenly bought things on one character thinking you were on another. It happens.

It looks like you’ve done some ratting for the skilling spree bonuses - are you using 150mm railguns by chance?