Talk About Emptying My Wallet

The changes to market order rules and to market related skills have done what CCP set out to do: empty my wallet of excess ISK.

Obviously we are all targets in CCP’s crosshairs when it comes to reducing player ISK reserves. That it should happen so fast to me was something I didn’t anticipate.

I had forgotten just how much market leverage I’d gained from all those months spent skilling up my main on all 14 Trade skills. (This task completed in the days when there were more than two clone types and the idea of buying skill points off the market was like having a wet dream without the mess, because in dreams was the only place buying skill points was ever going to happen.)

The ability to place large buy orders with only a fraction of the cost placed in escrow meant I could target several of the most profitable market items and win my share of sales. This worked well over the 3 month lifespan of a buy order.

Fast forward to now and I’m forced to place smaller buy orders in order to keep a finger in every pot. Smaller orders can sell out faster, so I have to keep an eye on things or risk loosing out on purchases that I can turn over for a profit.

This isn’t as bad as dealing with .01-ISKing of course, so I suppose this is a good thing. But the urge to outbid hasn’t gone away. I’m left wondering if having two or three active buy orders for certain items is the better way to go when dealing with other players that outbid me.

What is taking some getting used to is the idea of being “all in” on every buy order. , That, and not having excess ISK has reduced my ability to remain agile on the market.

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Try not spreading your self so thin and looking for the higher profit margin items to buy. This may help you some.

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Thank you Red.

I’m starting to think that 1-ordering will replace .01-isking.

The broker cost to change order prices having gone up, it makes sense (in some situations, such as with high profit+fast moving items) to simply place a new sell order with a quantity of 1.

Putting a hundred cruisers up at a time just doesn’t work anymore.

.01 isking has been replaced by 1000 isking. After working the new market for over a month I havent really noticed much of a difference. There are still lots of Buy Orders for everything. My sell orders still get undercut within 30 minutes, and I still adjust my totals down or up as needed. The additional fee doesn’t really affect my judgement, its more important to move product, take a little worse profit margin and find the next thing.

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Red it seems we’re on different ends of the spectrum.

The new fee structure has taken quite a bite out of my wallet, whereas the fees aren’t enough to keep you from moving product and finding the next best selling item on the market.

I hope we don’t cross paths…I think you would win a market battle.

nah, you would do just fine. We all start somewhere, my goal each month is 9b, it used to be lower, and eventually it will be higher. But I do focus my efforts on specific areas of the market. Playing to wide of a net makes it harder to keep up, currently I spend some 2/3 hours a day just doing market research/buying/hauling.

I was against the removal of Margin Trading before, but it is not a world realistic trait represented in Eve. When I use leverage to trade FOREX or Stocks I am risking capital to do so, I could lose more than my initial investment if I do not pay attention. That was not the case in Eve, where there was no negatives to what is considered in the investment world to be a risky option.

Hope any of this helps, just keep at it, you will get there.

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Here is a way to make over 1 billion a month. If your character is skilled to your liking, or you have an alt account that you use, insert +4 cybernetics, and max out your skilling for missiles. You will average 42 SP per minute or 1.8 million SP/month. Using skill extractors this equates to 3.6 skill extractions/month. You buy an extractor for375 million and sell a large skill injector for 875, a profit of 500 million per injector x 3.6 per month thats 1.8b per month.

Hope this helps.

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What’s the purpose of the missile skill , missile skills are a lucky charm ? :slight_smile:

you means probably remap to percep/willpower and train a skill checking these two attributs.

The minus
The injector is under 800M( 766M) , the taxe would eat at least 5%
you’d better not relist (difficult to avoid, we are in a decreasing trend) …

The plusses
the extractor is at around 340M
The plex price was low ( before the eden store promotion)

You forget something important on your 500M , the cost of the omega status if plex roughly 1/4 x cost of 500 plex or roughly 1/4 x cost of a MPTC.
If You get 50M net benefit , that would be splendid :smiley:

You will have to forgive me, I was tossing out rough numbers, and yes taxes reduce the value. I used Missiles as an example since there are so many options to pick from, but it could be anything. And yes remap to capitalize on it.

You can take it further and have all three characters on an account running PI, with one SP SP skilling, and if one is skilled for mining you can alt-tab mine from your main character.

These are all just ideas. The purpose was to point out that isk is achievable in the game. I make an average of 6b a month between 3 accounts from passive means. This doesn’t include Hub Trading or PVE.

Its possible, theres some options.

With the actual price of the injectors ( 785M ), with a bad trend
meaning it can get worse : you can’t be positif.

There is a new ship coming , that could justify an extended use of the injectors
but with the next nerf of the super, don’t count on it .
Otherwise with such a low price, I would have suggest to buy some then sell it in May
but that 's not a good advice I think.

We are at the moment at the “manufacturing” cost , if you consider a plex at 3.1M and an extractor at 380M
The next generation of injector with a plex at 2.8-2.9M and extractor at 330M will push the next manufactured injector at something around 750M
My guess : in the next couple of weeks, the injector is going down .
and the consequence : sell as quick as you can :smiley:
Buy some at 750M could be a good idea , selling them 1-2 month later ( some speculation) .

If you have a look in the bazaar, you’ll see some bad news : people selling there SP alt farm .

There won’t be a simple quick way to make money ,with the relisting
the usual trade ( buy -> sell -> buy -> sell) is dead.

There is one opportunity right now, buy the new daily skin, because of the randomness everyone won’t be able to complete their set , hence buying the missing on the market.
Few offer , large demand …
But as I write it here , now that idea is already burnt :smiley:
( actual outdated estimation 5M buy -> 15-20M sell now maybe more once the event finished)

There can’t be any good trade advice in the forum, if anyone can be rich , no-one will :smiley:

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For sell orders, I am simply splitting my stock up and not posting everything at once. When an order gets undercut I just post another batch from stock.

Of course this only works until i’ve used up all my order slots :stuck_out_tongue:

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I take it the OP would not be able to do this.

Just trying to point out ways to make extra isk. Nothing is new in the game as far as ideas to make isk, he/she just needs to find their nitch and start earning.

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