Hey everyone, you are bidding on me!

First, here’s the skill stuff: Welcome to Skillboard.Eve || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

She does have Titan injected, Doomsday as well, but not Doomsday Rapid Fire FYI

  • This character has a positive wallet to the tune of 100 million isk
  • This character currently resides in an NPC station in low security space (Bleak Lands)
  • This character has only standard +4 implants and no jump clones (Missing Social +4)
  • This character has no kill rights on her
  • This character sec status is 0.0
  • This character has a few skins for the Rag (Biosecurity, Glacial Drift, Justice, Shakim Warlord, Snowline Bladeracer, and Tronhadar Ink)
  • This character is in the starter corporation, State War Academy

Let me know what ya’ll think she’s worth.

35 Bil Buy out offer !

37 acceptable?

I also have the ragnarok sold by this character for 110 bil with hyper riggs low sec station , letme know if interested

Can you do 36B ? I will use injectors to get dd rapid to V .


Are you online now ?

I am logging in

Sent you a VM and convo

Isk and account info sent !

Hey sir ,

Did you start the transfer yet ?

Lol it take 10 hours to receive the character , if you havent received yet than you have been scammed

If you havent received the character dm me or write here and i will tell you what are your options to get the isk back

i find it funny that the skillboard isn’t working properly yet someone still decided to buy the character without something to prove what OP says.

It was working before .

Convo’d you ingame .

perhaps the seller extracted all the skills and scammed you - the seller also sold me his ragnarok -

use this and put up a support ticket with everything mentioned his character name also this forum post link

100% you will get your isk back dont worry

Th funny thing i flagged the post of the seller 24 hrs before about not following the rules . But the GM did not see it or took action

Alright , i reported it ,

nvm , seller responded .

In the moment, a Character Transfer is initiated, all Esi Tokens will be removed. so it is normal, when the Skillboard not longer works then.

@Jovial_Cynic have you recieved the Charakter in the meanwhile?