Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
In NPC corporation.
Jump clone with High Grade Amulet Full set woth approx 2.8 bil.
Char Located in high sec

It has a good name and good kb Luck ie | Character | zKillboard
Its a focused nyx character with Armor Links skills
also can fly a cyno ship

Start bid : 25 bil

B/o : 40 bil or whatever is close to it end of this week

I’ll start her up at 25b. Bonus points cause I like that name.

I’m interested, but the skill board isn’t working

Skill board should work now pls check

bid 26b

Whats your b/o price?

45b lol

Skill injectors are sold for close to 900 mil now , so with such skills you will need atleast 65- 70 bil

This character was made using skill injectors , it has good name good corp history and good kb also with no wastage skills and high grade amulet set. So whoever knows the value and cost they will buy it .I am not in hurry to sell. Thnx for free bumb btw

thats not how it works mate, have you looked at similar toons being sold and for what prices?

28 bil b/o

29b bid

30 bil b/o

bump b/o updated

31 bil b/o

32 bil

33 bil b/o untill i buy other char

34 bil

Thnx for good bids Looking for little more

bump up

34.5 bil