WTS 130m SP Char

In NPC Corp
Positiv Wallet
All Jump Clons and Char in Hig Sec
No Kill Rights
Sec. Status +2,0

Likely way above my budget but may I ask the ballpark that you are looking for?

im loking for around 100b+

Thanks. Way out of my price range. With the current state of Eve, 100b is a tough ask.

bumb .

bub .

I can offer 100b tomorrow

Ok. Im not in a hury.

I have the 100b, do you accept bid and transfer ?

i accapt the 100b bo.
weiting for isk and acc namme

Account name and ISK sent

isk Recived
Char transver startet


12 Aug 2022 07:44

Transfer Character

Character received, topic can be closed.
Thank you to the seller, have fun o7