WTS 73 million SP


Good and Perfect: Missiles, Drones, Armor, Shields, Targeting, Navigation, Engineering …

Positive wallet
implants, remap available
positive security status, no killrights
Char Located in Jita 4-4

Start & Min price - 50B
Buyout - 65B

bump :slight_smile:

I’d do 45b

maybe 50B? :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

46bil first and final offer… valid for 24 hours only otherwise i’ll spend my isk on something else

i can do 50 bil if you can do it within a couple of hours

im not the account seller my guy, im offering the person with the account 50 bil

I agree
I’m waiting for details on the character’s mail

I sent you a mail in game with a couple questions, will send the isk shortly

isk sent and mail sent with details

isk received
Character send

Received. Thank you!

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