WTS 130 m SP Character PvP + Orca mining

I bought this character recently, but it does finally not fit my needs.

  • Character is in an NPC Corp
  • Has a positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • Security status +2
  • Clones in high sec (One with high-grade Asklepian, another with high-grade Crystal, and the last with mid-grade Asklepian)
  • Character in high sec (jita)

I’m selling it for the 100B Isk I spend for. Or more if better bids are coming.

The Char has to be in a NPC Corp for the whole time period you are selling him. Please fix that, or we have to close this Salesad,

Character is now in NPC Corp


Bumpy, considering offers around 90B

Daily UP !

Willing to offer 80b.

Thank you ! If nobody bids higher at the end of the day, I’ll accept your offer.

If you could accept befor Aug 23 DT I’d offer 83b, as another seller is also waitting mine.

I’ll end the sale with the highest bid this evening.

84B offered - ready now

I’ll do 85

I’ll do 87B I think that’s getting up there!

OK, thank you for the bids to each one.
Reptilian, do you want to buy this character ? If yes, can you send ISK and account name to the character ?

Sending 87B now to Impl0ded and will eve-mail you account for transfer.

ISK sent to impl0ded and eve-mail with the account name.

I will confirm here when I get the transfer email from ccp.

Character Transfer has started, you should receive an e-mail from CCP.
Thank you and have fun !

All done thanks!

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