Exhumer pilot, Merc and ice miner mainly. But does some moons aswell at IV.

no kill rights, isk positiv etc.
Location: Mamenkhanar (Amarr).
No jump clone
remap available + 2 bonus

Says not in npc corp in link but is as of today.

The Character you are selling in here, has to confirm that he is for sale with his own Forumaccount in this Thread.

I confirm im for sale.

Hope thats enough.

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Daily bump

any idea on a starting bid ?

We can start the bidding at 4.2b

I will accept a bid that fits my thought, im in no rush to sell it at the moment.

Daily bump

Daily bump

Toon still available for another day before ill extract the skills

Extracting right now is very bad isk imho. you can expect to make 240mil/lsi (874m-582m- 6%tax=240) and you can get at most 5 lsi from that toon so that’s arround 1.25 bil.
I don’t really need it but can give you 3.3 bil for it if you are in a rush to sell.

I’ll pass but thanks for the offer :). Dont really need the isk. I’ll just extract the sp and drop it on my main :).

Sale closed :slight_smile:

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