I’m for sale: Simooos Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

0.0 sec status
298.000 unassigned SP
Positive wallet
Located in jita in npc corp (don’t know if skillboard is updated yet)

Starting from 22 B

I can start you off at 16B

Thanks for your offer! Still waiting for something higher

Will offer 18B ISK Now for the next 8 hours.

Thanks for the offer, just noticed it now. If it is still valid this evening without any other raise i’ll accept it. Let me know if it is still valid.

i guess the 18 offer is no longer valid… Bump


I can increase my offer to 16.5

18b still fly?

yup i’ll accept your 18 if no other offer arrive before tomorrow

HI please withdraw your bid from my character if you are buying this char

Araunot Everchosen unless your able to buy both nd if so then confirm on my thread.


Araunot let me know if your offer is still valid, if so, i’ll accept it at 10.00 eve if there is no other offer

If youre still willing to sell im still willing to buy.

I’m fine with your 18b offer and i accept it since nobody offered more, we can close the deal

It will be 7 hours or so before I can send the information and Isk. Do what you must with this information.

don’t worry, consider your offer accepted and send me info and isk, if it wont be too late i’ll star the trasfer later or maximum tomorrow

Isk and Info sent.

Will be completed after 8/12/2022 2:53:02 PM. Thank you!

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