WTS , 52m SP, Carriers, Dreads, Rorqual, Supers, Marauders, Blops

Positive wallet balance.

No kill rights.

Jump clone in Jita

Location post sale would be in Jita.

Also has the occasionally amusing in game name “A Terrible Player”

Looking for reasonable bids.

28 Bil offer recieved in game from Padrick Millar

Will go for that in 24 hours if no alternative offers. Still open to higher bids.

I offer 31 bil because a cool nick

If no better offer by this evening I’ll take that offer.

31.5b isk offering

33 bil



char is not in an npc corp, also, stop jacking up the price :slight_smile:

Char is in a 1 person corp as they own an astrahus in a c1. Can drop to NPC corp no issue.

@Shark_The_Hustla I am happy to accept your offer if it is still going. I’m also new to this so uh, any guide on what I do next would be lovely :slight_smile:

I am sending you a isk and the name of the account to which you will need to transfer the character. To do this, he must be in the NPC corporation

Sure, I accept the offer, will pay for the transfer after isk is recieved and confirm here. (Send it to the player in question, I’ll transfer it from them to a new main)

isk and account name sent

Sorting now, transfering bits to alt and will go put transfer through. Isk recieved btw.

Attempting to transfer now, character transfer page is having difficulty loading. Chars in npc corp and isk is transferred. Soon as the page loads ill put it through.

Scratch that, page loads, just waiting for API to recognize im in npc corp.

Transfer paid for and good to go!

Thank you.

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