WTS 70.9m SP Dread Pilot

Has 1 jump clone with HG amulet pod suitable for Low Security dread brawls.
Character is in High Sec w/ amulet pod.

Also has good Cyno Skills, including Cyno 5 for blops.
Also has good logistics skills for 3 of the 4 races.

Dread Highlights
Hull up grades 5
All Armor Compensation Skills to 5
Capital Pulse Spec 5
Capital Beam Spec 5
Jump Drive Cal 5
Amarr Dread 5

Other Subcap Highlights
Logi 5
Minmatar, Caldari, and Amarr Cruiser 5

Positive Wallet


send eve mail in game please :slight_smile:

Edit: Its yours. Ill take 45b for her.

If he hasn’t sent the email yet, I think I can offer 46B :grinning:

He has not. so chime in. send a mail.

I decided to use this account for trading and I’m selling my plex sorry please wait a while

offer withdrawn

The email has been sent

All mails to me please. Ill be checking hwne I get home.

Continuing the discussion from WTS 70.9m SP Dread Pilot:


Looking to get up to 51b.

49 is current bid.

49OK? 8h

Yes. Lets go.
Send isk, provide account info.
Will provide proof of transfer ASAP.

I sent you an email in the game!

I’m ready for 49b cash. Are you still there?

Yes. Im at work for another hour.

i am waiting for you

I will message you IN GAME as soon as I possibly can.

OK i am wait

i am online now