(SOLD can be closed) WTS -2003 - 314 Mil Sp

Positive Wallet,
Positive Security Status,
No Kill Rights,
No Bounty
CCP rules apply,
I will pay transfer fee
İ m selling only char and only for isk as rulled
b/o : 375 Bil

Location:HighSec Station, Gallente space

Thank you


bump up ty

Hello, can you repair your skillboard link, it seems it does not work ?

Edit : now it works fine, but the skillboard shows 0 skills

sry for broken skillboard i could not fix it, i deleted char on evie, 3.rd party access permissions on eve account many times, i updated char setings with any variations, but no effect,
still shoving 0 skill and skill point or we are sorry page ,
i will wait couple days too maybe it will be fix ,if not ill delete topic


I’ll try to join you in game

what the buy fopr this

You can use char.tools4eve.com and in setting choose show skills after logging in, and link the url here.

its working now thank you


Do you accept for 290B ?

375B for the b/o

thank you bo offer accepted

Can I send you ISK and account name this evening ?

ISK and account name are sent

transfer started, mail should reach now ( check pls),

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

I’ve got no mail and no character incoming on account.


I received the awesome character, thank you very much ! Topic can be closed !
Have fun and fly safe !


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