Sold , transferred,,DELETE

My Name is Zetah and I am for sale.

2005 Jump Freighter / scanner with 19.4 m sp (counting the 300k un allocated sp)
I have a positive wallet
I am in a high sec trade hub
I have no kill rights
I am in an npc corp
I will pay the transfer fee.

We can start at 13b

Skillboard coming up as user not found.

13b pending skillboard being corrected.

I mistakenly set it to private, it is now public

15 bill b/o but offer is only valid for a few hours.

send isk and account name and I will start the transfer.

16 bill

Well I assume the 3 hours that has passed with no response from JediTruth means that FR13nD ShIP can send isk and account name for transfer

isk has been sent. Account data will be sent ingame within 10 minutes.

All data and ISK sent

character transferring now isk and account name have been received

transfer has been initiated .

Character received. Thank you.

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