Character Sold

I am up for sale: Da Bogeyman's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

My Clone:

wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
no jump clones
char location: jita4-4

note: I already left my corp, don’t know why it still displays me inside:

Bidstart: 7,5B
buyout: 9,5B

up to the top, 24h bump

5.5b offer

Thanks for the offer. 24h Bump

24h done, to the top!

7b offer

Alright, charactertransfers are available again, thanks for the offer - Bump to the top!

Taking offer back, man. You lost your chance :slight_smile:

Adjusted Bidstart to 7.5B, else I can’t even reach the breakeven point (transfer + SP extraction)

I will offer your buyout amount of 9.5B.

Alright nice, I will accept your offer, thanks.
Please send me the amount of 9.5B to me ingame and send me an evemail with the targetaccount.

ISK and evemail sent just now.

Money and targetaccount received.
Transfer started.
Thanks for the trade and have fun with the character :slight_smile:
→ Char sold

Character received. Thanks for the quick reply yesterday.

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