Positive wallet. In NPC corp atm. BO 30b. pass 1111

I’d start at 20b


22.0 b

22.5 b

23.0 b

23.1 b
Please update your eveboard link!
I need an valid eveboard or eveskillboard link for deal. updated, no idea why still not in npc corp, has out today

"Automatic API Update disabled"
I think you need generate a new API key , then you can update eveboard.

When do you want to close this auction ?

done! The auction will be closed then i’ll got good price. With skill extrctors i’ll got around 25b, but i want 30 for this char, so i have a time.

password ?

password 1111

I sorry. Your calculation is wrong.
You can extract 45 injectors. Almost 46
The extracted value exactly 21,3 b ISK. (with tax, fees)

ahh ok, but anyway 30b, all ccp rules, i’ll pay for transfer.

i suggest you put an is more fiable.

23.5 b password 1111

23.6 b

25b b/o