(Stager Zero) #21


(Ragnar Aldrik) #22

30b b/o accepted, isk and account info sent.

(Annie Scartum) #23

Got it. Starting transfer

(Annie Scartum) #24

Oh my god, Few years before, then i played eve for transfer ppl just needed 2 plexes, is it now just for real money only? Tell me plz, if RM i’ll give you back isks and sorry.

(Annie Scartum) #25

Oh im realy sorry, im wasted your time, sending isks back to your account, im realy didn’t knew i can’t transfer char for plexes. Sorry mate isks sended back

(Francis McLean) #26

you can petition it to send it with PLEX, open a ticket with CCP

(Ragnar Aldrik) #27

You can still transfer using plex, just have to open a support ticket to do it. Do you still want to sell? I can retransfer isk if you want…

(system) #28

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