SOLD - Thank you

Character is in NPC corp with positive wallet, in high sec in Jita 4/4 Trade Hub.

Positive security status, no active killrights and one remap available.

Asking 6b or BRO


5.1 bill


5.6b offered

5.7 bil

If anyone is willing to make it an even 6 Bil, I will accept. Ill check back at 23:00 Eve time on 5/28 (2hrs 30 mins from now).


I’ll go ahead and do 6

sounds good. Ill accept.

I’ll send account info and isk in a few min

Info and ISK sent

Isk has been received and I have submitted SUPPORT REQUEST #729270 to complete the transfer. Waiting for GM response.

How long do the tickets usually take?

I have no idea… I expected this to be done a day ago.

This is what I have so far… hoping for a fast resolution…

*** Monday at 21:12
Hello, I would like to use 1000 plex to transfer the character Amy Doublestroke to account *** as per the agreement on this forum post: SOLD - Thank you

*** Monday at 21:16
Updated name of forum post - SOLD - Thank you

*** Today at 06:21
How long do these normally take? The buyer is getting antsy and I do not have a good answer to provide him.

GM responded confirming the transfer is in process. Have a great day.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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