SOLD - Thank you

(Amy Doublestroke) #1

Character is in NPC corp with positive wallet, in high sec in Jita 4/4 Trade Hub.

Positive security status, no active killrights and one remap available.

Asking 6b or BRO

(Justin Ackaris) #2


(Occultatum) #3

5.1 bill

(RR Enat) #4


(Absolute Truth) #5

5.6b offered

(Justin Ackaris) #6

5.7 bil

(Amy Doublestroke) #7

If anyone is willing to make it an even 6 Bil, I will accept. Ill check back at 23:00 Eve time on 5/28 (2hrs 30 mins from now).


(Occultatum) #8

I’ll go ahead and do 6

(Amy Doublestroke) #9

sounds good. Ill accept.

(Occultatum) #10

I’ll send account info and isk in a few min

(Occultatum) #11

Info and ISK sent

(Amy Doublestroke) #12

Isk has been received and I have submitted SUPPORT REQUEST #729270 to complete the transfer. Waiting for GM response.

(Occultatum) #13

How long do the tickets usually take?

(Amy Doublestroke) #14

I have no idea… I expected this to be done a day ago.

(Amy Doublestroke) #15

This is what I have so far… hoping for a fast resolution…

*** Monday at 21:12
Hello, I would like to use 1000 plex to transfer the character Amy Doublestroke to account *** as per the agreement on this forum post: SOLD - Thank you

*** Monday at 21:16
Updated name of forum post - SOLD - Thank you

*** Today at 06:21
How long do these normally take? The buyer is getting antsy and I do not have a good answer to provide him.

(Amy Doublestroke) #16

GM responded confirming the transfer is in process. Have a great day.

(Occultatum) #17

Thank you :slight_smile:

(system) #18

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