Now sold

(Delamtri) #1


password= admin

Yearly remap 1

Positive balance 3,391,496 isk

Location Tew 0.9

Unallocated sp 256,000

No kill rights on character

1 jump clone in Tew 0.9

selling in accordance of ccp rules

(Gattanera) #2

43 bil

(xalongskam) #3


(Delamtri) #4

Thanks for the offers,will complete by 7pm today if all is well

(Intriguing Stranger) #5

45 bil

(xalongskam) #6


(Delamtri) #7

Agreed 45.5 bil

(xalongskam) #8

ISK and name sent

(Delamtri) #9

received, transfer initiated thank you

(Delamtri) #10

Do you think you could confirm when you have the character , just for my peace of mind:)

(xalongskam) #11

I received the mail that the transfer is initiated, I will update again tomorrow so you can find your peace.

(xalongskam) #12

Transfer completed, thank you!!

(system) #13

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