PC me please. 17m SP

(CupN00zles) #1


3 remaps
Perception remapped
17.1 mil SP

I want to get sold. Assuming I am worth enough.
Feel free to post here or eve mail me.

Thank you for your interest.

(Gattanera) #2

11.5 bil

(Intriguing Stranger) #3

12 bil

(TheOldestTwin) #4


(Beekillrz) #5


(TheOldestTwin) #6


(necocat Meow) #7

14bill. First and final bid from me.

(TheOldestTwin) #8


(CupN00zles) #9

I will accept the 14.5 bil from TheOldestTwin.

Awaiting isk, ready to transfer character.

(TheOldestTwin) #10

Isk and account name sent, thanks!

(CupN00zles) #11

I Will check and start the transfer either this afternoon or this evening European time. Expect it to happen no later than 9 pm eve time

(CupN00zles) #12

ISK received and transfer started.

(CupN00zles) #13

This character is being transferred to another account and cannot be logged in

(TheOldestTwin) #14

Thank you very much!

(system) #15

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